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ZaletyBLINK laser welding machine
with fiber laser technology

Mobile and compact device with high welding power

Low operating costs and high efficiency

State-of-the-art technology and best solution for thin sheets and aluminum

Wire feeder included

Spawarki laserowe BLINK to gwarancja wysokiej jakości spawu

The best products for the most demanding customers

UsageLaser welder is a professional equipment used in many industries

Automotive industry

Welding of thin sheets and various structures in steel, aluminum, or titanium. No complicated training required

Food industry

Very fast and aesthetically pleasing welding of thin stainless steel sheets, up to 4 times faster than the classic TIG method

Shipbuilding industry

Fast, robust welding of all stainless, aluminum and black steel materials

General service companies

Wherever stainless steel and aluminum are welded. This technology offers the possibility of very large time savings

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FAQFrequently asked questions

Fiber-optic laser welders can weld virtually any material. Stainless steel, galvanized steel, black steel, aluminum, brass, copper or titanium.

Depending on your needs, you can weld with the laser beam alone, or with an automatic feeder with filler.

It is a technology that can be mastered very quickly. A short basic training is enough and a person who has never dealt with welding before can start working. Hand-held laser welders, are very convenient to operate and the welding process itself is really simple.

Modern hand-held laser welders, practically do not require service (except for basic operation). The laser source lasts about 100,000 hours of operation. With proper use, the equipment will work for a very long time without service. The maintenance cost itself is small. Mainly protective glass and copper tips are replaced.

A laser welder uses a high-powered laser to weld metals, while an electric welder uses a high-temperature electric current. A laser welder is more precise and produces thinner welds than an electric welder.

Laser welders do not require more skill. As a rule, they are much easier to operate and training takes much less time. Laser welders require a minimal amount of skill and involvement in the welding process than traditional welding methods, where the result depends on the operator’s skill.

Yes, laser welders are usually more expensive than traditional electric welders. This is due to the costs associated with producing a high-powered laser and the additional features that laser welders offer. On the other hand, the cost of operation is lower and the welding speed is much higher.

A laser welder is a better choice for welding parts of small size or complex geometry, when a very accurate and thin weld is required. A laser welder will also work well for welding thin sheet metal and aluminum. For this type of operation, it is the best solution available so far.

Laser welders are safe for the operator, as long as they are operated according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Note that the laser is a high-powered device, so it is imperative to protect the eyes and skin.

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