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Laser welders

Spawarka laserowa BLINK to profesjonalny sprzęt wykorzystywany w wielu branżach

Reliable machines

Laser welders

Modern professional BLINK laser welding machines are the highest quality and repeatability of welding. Welding lasers have the ability to join materials of different types, shapes and thicknesses. Laser welding is characterized by speed (welding speed up to 4 times faster than TIG method) and incredible ease of making aesthetic and quality welds.

Thanks to the use of an efficient and high-performance laser source, the welded joint is durable and deformation is negligible (much less than with other methods). BLINK is a device equipped with a fiber laser. These devices have a laser with stepless power adjustment so that we can perfectly select its parameters, so that the welding is of the highest quality.

In our offer we have all the consumable parts for our welding machines.

BLINK handheld laser welder

BLINK laser welders are professional industrial welding machines, which come in several basic power variants: 1000W, 1500W, 2000W, 3000W. All BLINK welders have a very durable and best quality RAYCUS laser source bundled with a dedicated very robust and convenient woobleBLINK moving beam head. A BLINKwire automatic wire feeder is included with all BLINK professional welding machines.

The BLINK laser welder is a versatile and indispensable device in welding where welding speed and ease of use, especially in industry, is the key to success. The operator can be easily trained in welding at our site or at the customer’s site.

Spawarka laserowa BLINK znajdzie zastosowanie w wielu gałęziach przemysłu

Ergonomic design

Basic parameters of BLINK handheld laser welding machines

Parameter weldBLINK1000 weldBLINK1500 weldBLINK2000 weldBLINK3000
Laser type FIBER
Max power output 1000W 1500W 2000W 3000W
Wavelength 1070nm
Mode of operation Continuous/Modulated
Positioning Laser red dot
Electrical voltage 230V 230V 230V/380V 380V
Frequency (power supply?) 50/60Hz
Safety 25A 32A 32A 40A
Max power consumption 5kW 7kW 9kW 11kW
Focal length 150mm
Cooling system Industrial chiller
Automatic wire feeder Yes, included
Grubość drutu (spoiwa) 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.6mm, 2.0mm

Hand-held laser welding machine - purpose

BLINK laser welder is designed for professional use in factories and industrial plants where quality and speed of welds are required.

Main advantages

cheap and trouble-free operation
No treatment of the weld required,
machine very easy to operate, after a short training practically anyone can weld
high efficiency and speed of welding (up to 4 times faster than TIG method!)
touch intuitive control panel in Polish language
The possibility of welding with filler (wire) and without filler (wire),

Welded materials

stainless and acid resistant steel
black steel
and many other materials

Approximate thicknesses of welded materials

Thickness of welded materials
Material Welding power
1000W 1500W 2000W
Stainless steel up to 3mm up to 4mm up to 5mm
Carbon steel (black) up to 3mm up to 4mm up to 5mm
Galvanized steel up to 2.5cm up to 3mm up to 4mm
Aluminum up to 2mm up to 3mm up to 4mm
Brass up to 1mm up to 1.5mm up to 2mm
Diagram przedstawiający zalety spawarki laserowej

Construction of the laser head

The handheld laser welder is equipped with a modern woobleBLINK laser head with an electric moving beam (oscillation) system. For safety and life, the entire head is liquid-cooled, which allows continuous operation and welding even in the most demanding conditions. All heads in our welders are equipped with WOOBLE function. The WOOBLE function with a moving lens controlled automatically allows us to correct imperfections in the material giving us faster speed and better quality welding. In addition, the variable spot type (beam width up to 5mm) allows better weld selection depending on the position and type of welding (butt, circular, internal and external angles of the materials to be joined). Copper nozzles facilitate laser welding, during which the operator can easily rearm the device to use wire (steel, stainless steel or aluminum).

Types of welding marks

Diagram przedstawiający ślad spawalniczy plamki
Diagram przedstawiający ślad spawalniczy linii
Diagram przedstawiający ślad spawalniczy okręgu
Diagram przedstawiający ślad spawalniczy trójkąta
Diagram przedstawiający ślad spawalniczy ósemki
Double Circle
Diagram przedstawiający ślad spawalniczy podwójnego okręgu

Operating system and driver in BLINK lasers

The operating system of BLINK laser welding machines is available in Polish. The large touch-screen display, intuitive and easy-to-use menu allows easy changes of parameters and reading of current data. The system allows you to save specific parameters for different types of welded materials and their thickness.

Spawarki Laserowe BLINK Laser posiadają polskie menu

Intuitive touch panel

Źródło lasera Raycus

Raycus laser source

All BLINK welders are equipped with a fiber optic laser source from Raycus. The Raycus laser is one of the best available fiber laser sources in the world. It guarantees long-lasting and trouble-free stable operation. The approximate working life of the fiber source is 100,000 working hours, which is about 45 years of operation. It is a friendly and safe technology for the workplace and the environment. With this technology, labor and production costs can be significantly reduced due to very low operation and maintenance costs. The fiber laser beam can weld many types of materials such as copper, brass and aluminum.